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Software that unleashes the power of context
to personalise travel recovery

Helping travel brands inspire confidence
in the post-covid travel mindset

Airline. Hospitality. DMO.
We help brands own more of the customer journey

By only focusing on the core booking late in the travel lifecycle, brands miss revenue and engagement opportunities, allowing powerful third parties to inherit the customer.
We help brands extend their engagement beyond the core booking with interest-based content experiences, creating common-ground between the brand and the consumer in apost-covid content.

We provide brands with the best local content to create an authentic digital experience.

Become the guide.
Empower the traveler.
Personalised to the individual customer

Maximise user-context to personalise your marketing at every touchpoint.

Know your customer.
Anticipate their needs.

Identify ways to add value to your brand that increases revenue and customer loyalty.

Add value,
Build brand.

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Email Marketing for Airlines

Released at the 2017 Aviation Festival
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Harness the power of affinity marketing.

Using familiar locations as context for destination discovery.
Show your customers

Where to stay/play in new cities

based on what they like in cities they already know

Providing your customers with the content they are seeking at just the right moments in their trip, is the key to unlocking trust and value in your relationships - using context is your secret recipe.

LikeWhere's award-winning software enables you to engage your customer with relevant travel recommendations, while learning who they are through advanced behavioural data insights.

LikeWhere powering your app
'LikeWhere helps travel brands fight brand erosion, increase direct-channel bookings and win loyalty from passengers through personalised content marketing.'

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Email Marketing
for Travel Brands
Don't send more emails. Send better emails.
Engaging the
Millennial Audience
What's good for millennials is good for all travellers.
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